New Fire TV Stick Specs leaked

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New stick may have quad core power

According to my Cord Cutting Show podcast partner over at AFTV News there has been a leak of what he believes to be the specs for a new Fire TV stick with a quad core processor. The device is also set to run Android 5.0 as we expected due to Amazon’s recent announcements and internal moves. A more powerful Amazon Fire TV Stick could be a monster in the market where the original has already made a big splash.  Where Amazon to copy the Roku strategy of having multiple products and price points it could begin to dominate the market by offering an intro level stick, a premium stick, an intro level Fire TV box and a premium Fire TV box with new features. We speculated as to what kinds of features might be seen on a new box recently see the story here.

Amazon is in a perfect position to make a major impact in the streaming device market. By leveraging the power of their retail arm to push their own products they can basically advertise their products on the most well travelled e-commerce site in the U.S. for free.  The company already plays games with the product description page by omitting where the Fire TV and Fire TV stick rank in categories like Streaming Media Players, which means that people reading up about their products do not have a direct link to see the competition. Meanwhile other products from Roku, Apple and Google have prominent rankings and links to the best selling devices in their categories displayed on their product pages. When users click on these links they will see that the Fire TV Stick is the number 1 selling device in streaming media players. How convenient. Will we see any new products roll out on Amazon Prime Day?