Google Adapter For Chromecast

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The Google Chromecast Ethernet adapter finally gives users the ability to get a wired connection for their devices. While Chromecast’s primary competitors in the dongle sphere the Roku Streaming Stick and the Fire TV Stick do not offer a way to access the Internet with an ethernet connection other products like the Roku 3, Fire TV and Apple TV do. The attraction to a wired connection is that it is faster and more reliable. It should be telling that one of the trouble shooting questions for the Chromecast is, how far away is your Chromecast from your router? For those with a chromecast plugged into a TV close enough to a router to plug it directly in the adapter should be a very helpful purchase. Apparently a lot of people thought so because it already sold out on Google Play

Does buying a $15.00 adapter defeat the purpose?
The Chromecast is meant to be this elegant easy to hide pocket sized receiver for phones tablets and laptops. And it’s $35.00 price tag has been a major part of its appeal. But if someone has to purchase an extra adapter for $15.00 it raises the cost to $50.00. At that point would the consumer have been better off with a Roku 1? Chromecast of course offers a different functionality than a Roku with its Chrome and full screen mirroring but its low price and easy form factor were the major selling points.

Can the adapter be used on other devices?
This would be the question on my mind. Can you plug it into other things. The Google Nexus Player, as I call it (the set-top circle) which we have been working with lately is a decent item for $69.00 but is also missing an Ethernet port. If it can serve to add ethernet access to that device as well the item could be more valuable. Even these mini PC sticks that have been appearing could become more functional with such hardware if it were capable of working with them. It bears watching. Once we have a chance to work with one we will be sure to let you all know.