Apple TV + App On Roku Watch Apple

The Apple TV App is now on Roku. The Apple TV app for Roku is not he same thing as having an Apple TV. What it is like is adding access to Apples Movie and TV store as well as access to Apple’s video services like its Apple TV channels program that allows users to sign up for premium services through their Apple ID’s, essentially the same thing as the Roku Channels and Amazon Prime channels. It makes Apple your middle man.

The primary reason there is an Apple TV app on Roku now is so that users can buy in to Apples TV + service. The service launches in November so the company wants to get its ducks in a row so that it can be ready to take off. Without apps available on popular platforms it will be hard to get a good start.

Overall the app looks almost exactly like the “TV” app for Apple devices minus the ability to do cross-platform searches for TV shows and movies. It does not for instance categories TV shows from multiple services into one place. But it does have some nice features none the less. For a video demonstration click the link bellow. And if you haven’t yet, subscribe to our YouTube channel here