Aptoide the Alternative Android App Store

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IOS devices have the iTunes App store and Android devices have the Google Play store. But did you know that there are alternative app store options for Android devices that have apps that can not normally be found in the Google Play Store? Well there is and it is a great thing to add if you can. Some devices can add the store easily by simply downloading it from the link below. In other cases you may have to root your device, which is not recommended if you value your warranty.

Why Add Aptoide?
There are some apps that for one reason or another either do not make it into the Google Play store or they get removed. In some cases the apps may not meet the Android terms of service, or there may have been a complaint logged against one of them or an app may have decided to remain more underground or independent. No matter the reason Aptoide has apps you can not find on the Google Play store like Kodi for instance.

Very Helpful for Fire TV
If you own the Amazon Fire TV Aptoide is a great way to expand past the standard options offered on the device. Just keep in mind that many of the apps designed for the Android environment will not work correctly on the Fire TV. This includes Chrome. The Fire TV remote was not designed with Android in mind meaning a number of the apps are incompatible. On the other hand if you choose to operate the device with a wireless keyboard or airmouse the process is far easier.