Best Niche Content On Roku VRV Puts It All Together

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Due to the failure of SeeSo a lot of people might have just found out about VRV. SeeSo sold some of its more popular content to the online channel as it was preparing to close down operations. But what is VRV? VRV is part of what I think will be the solution for cord cutters who are looking for specific content but do not want to sign up for 20 services to get it. VRV is a way to get content from multiple niche networks by creating a bundle of your own. This is done through what it calls the Combo Pack.  I call it service bundling.

What is the combo pack?
Would you like shudder with that? VRV’s app is a portal to multiple services. At the moment it lists 14, though one of them is the now defunct SeeSo. Customers can use the app to access content from individual channels via separate subscriptions or take advantage of the Combo Pack, which lets users pick 10 services for $10.00 a month. That kind of packaging could be a solution to those who fret over having tons of $3.00 services and bloating their streaming to the point of replicating cable.

Services like VRV may well help shape the future of streaming as the options on devices like Roku have grown to include over 5000 apps. They do this by being choosy. While it is possible to try out hundreds of services with free trials having a curated list of apps can help both the veteran cord cutter and the newbies alike.

VRV is currently available on IOS, Android, Roku, PS4 and the XBOX ONE.

VRV Website Here