Book Series The Sainted Coming To Streaming

A new streaming series based on supernatural suspense thriller, “The Sainted Trilogy” might be on the way. Author Michael Medico has completed 34, one-hour scripts destined for global streaming.

The Sainted Trilogy series has drawn over 350,000 responses from avid thriller suspense readers via social media and Blog posts. The series has also attracted a segment of interested followers due to the characters that evolve in the narrative. “The Sainted Trilogy” follows the lead character in the eternal struggle of good versus evil in the modern day committed to saving humanity. The author added that his background and recollections of being raised in an Italian American Catholic household guided him in the development of the characters that many readers can relate to.

In a recent radio interview, Michael said that he was amazed at the response to the cultural background of his characters. “To say I am overwhelmed is totally on point. I’m having a difficult time keeping up with the thousands of responses on social media and the launch of the blog. This is where I talk about the book’s background of the Italian American culture and my reconnection with the Catholic faith.”