Why Can’t I Get The Fire TV On Amazon?

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Was Amazon Prime Day just a clever way to clear out Amazon’s stock of Amazon Fire TV sticks and Fire TV boxes? Maybe. As of the publishing date of this story the Fire TV is out of stock. Amazon’s quad core powered streamer which has been sold on the website since it launched last April is unavailable for order on the website though still for sale at big box stores. We think that this indicates something coming from Amazon. Earlier this summer we published information concerning a Fire TV update that indicated a new product may be on the way and now with the original unavailable we have to wonder if it will be restocked at all. If it does not this will be a pretty strong indication that something new is coming along to replace it.

Will Amazon Launch Before Apple?
When Apple put the Apple TV on sale 4 months ago people speculated that the company was working to sell out the stocks of the older device to make way for a new model. Hopes were dashed earlier in the summer when the World Wide Developer’s Conference passed without a mention of Apple TV. Now tech watchers are focussed on September 9 when many expect Apple to hold another major rollout event surrounding iPhones. As of August 17 Apple has yet to send invitations to the media announcing an event so the truth is that there may not be an event in September at all. To be fair Amazon has not announced a major event either. But for the company not to have their own product available on their own website is a great indicator that Amazon is gearing up for a new one.


What could we see on a new Fire TV? The Streaming Advisor has speculated as to what kinds of features will be available on a Fire TV refresh in a recent article. To see the full article click here. Because Amazon is less a media company and more of a sales giant I would expect to see the new device continue to invite consumers to purchase more merchandise from Amazon. The scuttlebutt around Amazon is that soon you will be able to shop Amazon’s website with the Fire TV. Amazon recently rolled out a new feature into their firmware called “Fling” that allows app developers to integrate a Google cast clone into their apps that will allow Android and IOS apps to interact with the Fire TV the same way they do with the Google Chromecast. There should also be increased hardware specifications more ports, faster processor etc. Amazon would do well to take a look at the Ethernet adapter developed for the chromecast as a feature for a new Fire TV Stick. Expect a free month of Amazon Prime with any new product rollout especially if it can be used for shopping. I would expect Amazon’s master plan is to put a shopping device into the living room to push their media offerings, and store through a TV. It would not shock me to see the product promoted in a way to entice shoppers well ahead of Black Friday so that they can use the new product to shop black Friday from home.

The Streaming Advisor will continue to monitor this story.