Century Link Stream Replacements

With customers finding out that CenturyLink Stream will no longer continue their service, here is a quick overview of available services where you can watch the most popular Cable Channels and the devices that they are available on.


Clearly the most popular and well known of the services, Sling offers two basic packages, Sling Blue and Sling Orange. Offering several choices beyond the two basic services they are divided into categories based upon interests. News, Sports, Kids and comedy extras are bundles containing extra cable networks that will bring you more of that style of material.

Frequently offering specials to get devices if you pre-purchase so many months it not only provides opportunities to get its services but to get another device for your home as well.

It works on a wide range of platforms including Roku, Apple TV, Android based devices such as the NVIDEA Shield and even a few smart devices like Smart TV’s and Bluray Players. You can see a list of available devices here.

DirecTV Now

Dtv Now offers several channels but it’s DVR capabilities are still in testing. DirecTV Now is closer in style to traditional cable in how it offers packages, while scaled back considerably from cable you do have the option to add tiers in order to include the channels what you want.

Devices that it is available on include Roku, Apple TV, Amazon Fire and Google Chromecast along with several smart phones and tablets. You can look here to see if your preferred device is available.

Fubo TV

Fubo TV looks to be markiting itself to the sports enthusiast with its offerings with enough other networks included to give it some pretty broad appeal. Available on Apple TV, Roku, Amazon Fire and Android TV which would include the NVIDIA Shield, Mi Box and other Android Smart TV’s and boxes.

You can check out their website for more information on devices and availability here.

Hulu Live

Hulu has strong name recognition in the cord cutting and streaming community but its still new as a live TV provider so combining their live service with its extensive on demand library gives it a lot of appeal.

Unfortunately, just because you can get Hulu on your device does not mean that you can get access to its live service. Those are limited to select Roku and Apple TV models and the Amazon Fire as well as some smart phones and pads. Check to see if it’s available for your preferred device here.

Philo TV

Philo is attempting to carve its nitch out by not offering any sports, while sport networks are notoriously the most expensive cable networks available this has managed to bring an extensive list of cable networks together at a low price point. Under $20 will get you 37 channels.

As of right now the only way to watch it on your TV is by using Roku, but you can also watch it on your smart phone and through your computer as well.

PlayStation Vue

PlayStation Vue has made a name for itself with cord cutting. Having a look and feel closer to traditional cable makes this a popular choice for many people. This service is available on multiple platforms beyond it’s PlayStation gaming console, such as all of the 4th generation Roku models, most Android TV based devices, the 4th and 5th generation Apple TV models and Amazon Fire.

If you have questions on if your device is supported, be sure to check here.

YouTube TV

YouTube, like Hulu, has made a name for itself in the cord cutting community and few streaming services has the experience or infrastructure in providing live streaming services. Making itself available on a list of Samsung and LG smart TV’s, you can also find it on multiple streaming platforms including Roku, Chromecast, Apple TV and even the Xbox One. You can find out more devices its available on here.

CenturyLink Stream Player

If you purchased this device it can still be of use to you. Being built upon the popular Android TV Operating System allows it to be used for many of the Android based offering listed above as well as the popular Netflix and Hulu services so it won’t go to waste. Just go to the Google Play Store and search for the services listed above to see if they are available to you.