Charles Stanly Will Be Preaching On New Streaming Channel

Building on a decades-long partnership with In Touch Ministries (ITM), APEX Media Partners is excited to announce In Touch+, a new linear streaming network targeting multiple free ad-supported streaming television (F.A.S.T.) platforms. The media landscape worldwide is changing, with the masses abandoning traditional broadcast platforms such as cable and satellite for cord-cutting, mobile, OTT services that viewers can access directly through the Internet. Indeed, in a survey by Whip Media, the week of Aug. 1, 2022, 84% of respondents were aware of advertising-based video on demand (A.V.O.D.)/F.A.S.T. platforms, while more than 50% utilized them to consume programming.

In Touch+ promises to harness the power of global Internet content distribution, allowing ministries more flexibility in presenting their message. It will provide viewer response data not typically available from traditional broadcast platforms—all of which means an overall enhancement of production value. These live television streaming services allow viewers to enjoy content for free, without subscription fees.

An innovator in providing technical solutions in the ever-changing media landscape, APEX Media began helping ITM develop In Touch+ more than a year ago, with its initial launch on Local Now, channel position 1228 under the Family and Faith section, on Aug. 1, 2022. Plans for rapid expansion are already being implemented, with five to seven major F.A.S.T. networks onboarding in the next two to six months. This move will extend ITM’s reach to an estimated 81% of U.S. households—a ground-breaking opportunity that ITM is calling like-minded ministries to partake in with them.