Does Fire TV Have A DVR? Recast Tuner and And DVR For Fire TV And Show

Amazon announced a number of new products at an event today that integrate Alexa into everything from new speakers to microwaves but the biggest announcement for Streaming fans is the new device called Fire TV Recast. Recast is basically an over the air live tuner and DVR that will record TV and play live shows and allow you to watch them on Fire TV and the new and improved Echo Show.The Recast even has an app that helps you find the best place for the device so that you can get as strong a signal as possible.

If you are unfamiliar with the new Echo Show it is almost like a portable voice powered start TV that you can cary to any room in the house and get strong sound performance along with other Alexa skills integrated. The show will let people watch apps like Hulu which opens a lot of doors for the device.


Feature Image from Screengrab of CNET live blog. Photo by Tyler Lizenby