Fire TV App Store Expands New Apps Section Adds Filters for Most Categories

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The Amazon Fire TV finally has a New Apps section to help users find what’s new on the Fire TV. While it is missing a full app store akin to the Roku family of products the new section called New Releases & Updates, is a big step in the right direction.

How do you find it?
Scroll down the left menu to the apps section. The New Releases and Updates can be found in the apps section under “Popular Lists”.  

How is it organized?
 While it would be far more easy to access under an App Store heading it does help users find new content. It does so through filtering. Users can also utilize the filters in larger app categories like TV or Cooking to find new apps for their device.

Basic Filters:

All-Displays apps meant to be used by wither the Fire TV remote or optional gamepad
Game Controller-Indicates that the app compatible with the game pad

What are the Categories?
Users can search  based on Relevance, Best Selling, Price Low to High, Price High to Low, Average customer review and Release Date. As of right now the system is not fully fleshed out. For instance release date only provides one option “last 30 days. One of the most helpful options on the filter search “Free” which quickly returns only free apps.

Final Thoughts
In general this feature feels almost there. Providing detailed categories all in one interface would be even better Sports, games etc. As Amazon continues to update their software in advance of the 5.0 update and new hardware it appears that the company has been taking great notes on customer concerns. We look forward to seeing how things continue to develop.

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