FRNDLY Had Huge Viewership Gains This Year

A little bit goes a long way. That is the lesson of FRNDLY TV. The service, which offers a small but growing selection of channels built on the backs of popular family-friendly entertainment like Hallmark and Lifetime along with a unique selection of digital broadcast channels like Start TV, Decades, and MeTV.

The third quarter report from the company shows that viewership was up 53% in the quarter, compared to 3Q a year ago. Viewing per subscriber was up 9% and weekly active users rose 40%. The service has been adding channels since its launch and has maintained a very low price point for those who are looking to cut the big bloated cable packages but still have access to programming that would otherwise be out of reach.

FRNDLY is one of two major streaming services that offer cable-based lifestyle channels without sports, local major network affiliates and, 24-hour news services, which helps immensely with the costs of a monthly subscription.