Fubo TV Looking to Offer Free Service

Tech Crunch is reporting that fubo TV is looking to put together a free ad-supported channel. There were no details as to exactly what would be prompted through the service but the CEO David Gandler said that the offering would be “a little bit smaller and more straightforward” than others on the market, but said the company believes it will help fuboTV’s profitability.

Fubo TV in its current form is a live TV streaming platform with an emphasis on sports programming, albeit minus ESPN, that competes with other skinny bundle services like Sling TV and DirecTV Now. The service has apps across multiple platforms.

The talk of a free offering follows a trend towards add supported content seen from other big names in the business and may well be a step towards the future for the company in a limited space. The public in general seems to be getting fatigued with multiple pay services and has shown a reluctance to have more than a few at a time. But the more providers who find a way to put their brand in front of viewers without a pay wall the more chance they have to cash in. Either way, according to a FuboTV TV spokesperson the service is not shuttering its current product in any way saying “fuboTV believes in the future of pay TV and we are looking at launching an ad-supported channel not a platform.”

Other prominent free streaming options include Pluto TV, Xumo and The Roku Channel.