FuboTV Rolls Out New Interface and Offers

The Streaming service, fuboTV is gearing up for a new fall push with a promotion for new customers. New subscribers can now get the fubo Extra Bundle by pre-paying for two months at $34.99 per month.  The promotional bundle includes the fubo Extra package + upgrades to DVR Plus (500 hours of personal Cloud DVR) + Family Share (including three simultaneous screens) + two months of SHOWTIME.

fubo TV has apps for multiple devices

The service, which is built to highlight sports, though does not include ESPN, has been working to improve its overall offerings and aggressively expand on its coverage of local network affiliates. The service is also rolling out a new interactive look for the Apple TV letting users browse content while having a live preview of programming that is currently live on a channel.

The window at the top of the home screen will let users take a look at what is on before they select a channel. Users can then seamlessly transition into the fullscreen player with just one click. This feature brings the familiarity of channel flipping into a modern interface that bridges the best of both worlds.


Prior to this launch, viewers had to open the programming guide and select a channel to see a live preview. fuboTV found that those who used this feature consumed 1 hour more of content… but they had to find it first. Other fuboTV apps will get the feature soon.

Cord cutters have been able to use fuboTV to watch some of the first 4k streaming video starting with the World Cup over the summer and even college football in 2018.

The service is available across every major streaming platform including Roku, Apple TV, Fire TV and Android TV as well as IOS and Android mobile Platforms and the Google Chromecast.