Fun Tests Roku’s New Channel Wonderful Time Killer

Who likes taking tests for fun? Ok I do. Maybe not like a math test, but a match test yeah. I’m also a huge fan of trivia. That is the draw of Fun Tests a new entry on the Roku channel lineup. The channel is essentially a number of

I once had my own sarcastic take on this genre on my own facebook page.

picture based games along the lines of the click bait we see on Facebook. You know, the ones that say “Only a Genius can spot the ________ in this picture.” The ones all of the stupidest people on your Facebook feed find in seconds, yeah those.

The channel is fun though. My daughter and I fired it up “FIRE IT UP, FIRE IT UP” (if you haven’t seen it watch the Crow with Brandan Lee), and we had a fun time. It is a large selection of site gag type quizzes with a timer, can you spot the differences in these two pictures, can you find the circle in this picture full of squares. In the end, the game points out the answer so you can feel either vindicated that nobody would have seen it or feel like Sherlock Holmes for finding it.

Going through these tests almost took me back to my childhood days of doing puzzles on the Mini Page or Highlights Magazine. Ok, now I want a fold up the page riddle channel for Roku. Looking for a way to pass some time with the family during the break, check out the free channel.

You can add it to your Roku by signing in on the website and clicking here