Hallmark On Peacock Is The Real Deal


When Peacock and Hallmark announced the new agreement to bring Hallmark content on to Peacock we all had the same question. Would Peacock actually have Live feeds of Hallmarks channels or would it instead have a channel dedicated to curated streams of Hallmark content?

The reason I and readers asked that question is that we have grown used to this model on free ad-supported apps and it frankly flavored our expectations. But the good news here is that Peacock subscribers do in fact get access to the actual feeds from The Hallmark Channel, Hallmark Movies and Mysteries and Hallmark Drama. We were able to confirm this with our own eyes by comparing the scheduled programming on Sling TV to the scheduled programming within Peacock.

Peacock also has an entire section dedicated to Hallmark movies. The section at the moment is available via the featured tab on the website and will have its own section of the app as well. Within the Hallmark section its movies which could all be pretty much classified as rom coms or love stories are broken down into things like Christmas romance, Crack the case/mysteries etc. There are also links to the live feeds within the Hallmark section.

Peacock’s channels include Hallmark now too. The channels tab of Peacock has been essentially the home of free content but it now includes rows for Hallmark’s respective channels right in the same guide as everything else with the ability to skip ahead and see what else is playing next.

We will continue to keep an eye on this feature and update you if anything else is changed.