Hisense CES Highlights

Hisense will be one of Tubi TV's most important partners in Mexico

CES–Hisence, the 2nd largest tv maker in the world and biggest in China held its CES press conference today showing off its latest TVs 4k and 8k tvs. The company highlighted amung other things a new lineup of 4k and 8k TVs.

You read that right. Hisense announced its first 8k laser TV for the home. The company highlighted that their laser TVs TV include TV tuners and smart TV OS.

This is an important distinction because many high end projectors tvs do not have full TV capabilities like streaming apps. They alow users to make their TV screen as big as their walls will allow without sacrificing the picture quality.

Hisense also announced innovations in the ULED world letting attendees know it will debut a new lineup featuring ULED X 8k a 110 inch ULED TV. Those are not for the faint of heart but if you have the space they will be happy to fill it. In practical terms though the new series will offer the high end picture one would expect on a premium product but also supports audio quality with 7 speakers that might be able to save people money on sound bars.

On its budget category Hisense highlithed that it will offer Mini LED technoloy across all models in the ULED lineup. U6K under line will include a model for 500.00and include models  50 to 85 inches.On top of that U7 TV lineup 55-85 inch still will include 65 tvs under $1,000.Its premium U8 Series series will offer NextGen ATSC 3.0 TV tuner

Overall Hisense will introduce Five 85 inch TV models this year.

For the highest performance the model L9h premiumshort throw projector will offer 1 billion colors on screens as big as one chooses. While the new Cube C1 mini projector brings a new afordable portable projector in.

We will have a more details as we have a chance to see these products for ourselves on the floor.