LG Introducing Transparent TVs And More

CES–LG kicked of CES Media Days with a press conference featuring sustainable technology and innovations for appliances.

But for our purposes and yours what we want to share with you is the TV news.

The company announced OLED.T, a transparent TV that can be used to create unique viewing experiences. How applicable or affordable they will be for the average consumer will be seen later.

LG also announced the Nvidia GeForce Now Gaming swrvice will be streamed with 4k support on its 2023 models powered by a more powerful CPU that will support the LG Oled Evo G series tv  processor 70 percent brighter screens then other OLED models.

  • Quick cards for apps
  • AI Concierge
  • AI Picture Wizard
  • LG also got and exclusive preview of the Apple TV+ SHOW Foundation
  • MasterClass app added
  • ADT emergency access through the remote

More details to come when we can explore more closely.