Roku Will Start Making Its Own TVs

Roku is joining the ranks of TV makers for the first time. As part of a flurry of news ahead of CES in Las Vegas, the streaming company announced the first TVs designed and made by Roku as opposed to its very successful Roku powered OEM partnership that have made the company omnipresent in big box Store TV sections.

Roku will roll out two types of TVs. The brand will release 11 models as either Roku Select or Roku Plus Series TVs with a size selection ranging from an almost desktop like 24 inch all the way to 75 inch models. All will come with voice remotes while the Roku Plus series will ship with the added bonus of the voice remote pro which features a rechargeable battery and near field mic that lets users use voice commands to do everything from launch and pause Roku channels to ask the Roku to find the remote when it’s lost.

The news was not all confined to Roku’s own TVs. Roku also announced a new, premium Roku TVTM OLED TV reference design, now available to all Roku TV partners. The design offers superb picture quality, inky black levels, outstanding contrast, highly saturated colors, smooth motion, and superior viewing angles.

“This new OLED Roku TV reference design enables our brand partners to deliver the premium TV experience that OLED brings, including dark black levels, superb contrast and superior viewing angles, along with all the features that Roku users love,” said Tom McFarland, vice president, Business Development, Roku TV. “In addition to beautiful picture quality and our simple and easy-to-use operating system, the Roku TV program enables many of the top TV brands to offer consumers a wide variety of models and sizes to choose from.”

Launched in 2014, the Roku TV program has made the Roku OS the #1 smart TV OS sold in the U.S. (Q3 2022).


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