Home Renovation Shows You Can Stream Without Cable

Let’s face it. The word of the day is Social Distancing, so that means that you are not supposed to be hanging out around town. A lot of us are home for a long time with COVID-19 staring down the country, and the world for that matter.

When you are staring at the same walls all day and all night you start to wonder, what could I do to make them look different? This is a sad place to be but here is what you can do to brighten your days and keep your mind and body occupied.

Lot’s of people I know are already getting to painting that deck or kitchen now that they finally have time and no excuses not to get it done. A good solid painting project can really change the look and feel of a home. And it doesn’t have to stop there. You can change out bathroom fixtures, add artwork and even get new furniture (in pieces) delivered.
But we don’t expect you to know exactly what could or should be done with all of your rooms and walls. That’s why we have put together a list of shows you can stream that can get your DIY juices going. While some of the shows on the list have major projects that can not be done without the help of a full construction crew or at least a current homebody who is a designer/carpenter, a number of creative things can be done around the home with a screwdriver a hammer and a couple of hours. So check out these shows not so much to find out how to knock down a wall to build a new closet but instead to learn how to brighten your home, make your kitchen more efficient. You can get great ideas for shelving, decorating, sprucing up corners and more.

Be safe and stream on my friends.


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