Raise Money TO Fight COVID-19 By Renting A Movie

Want To Help With Coronavirus? Rent A Movie. Major corporations are partnering with organizations to find ways to help and regular folks can join in. In the streaming world SLING TV is donating 100% of its movie rental profits to Good360 today through April 5. Good360 is a global nonprofit leader that is delivering critical supplies to healthcare providers and first responders, those quarantined, and those facing adverse economic impacts as the nation battles COVID-19.

During this partnership, SLING TV is offering streamers on-demand access to theater releases including “The Invisible Man,” “The Hunt,” “Emma” and “I Still Believe.”

“With SLING TV’s help, we are further able to support communities with limited access to critical supplies, quarantined individuals and families, as well as those impacted by job loss, to help our nation in this great time of crisis,” said Matt Connelly, CEO, Good360. “During these unprecedented times, Good360 is leveraging decades of learned best practices, our network of corporate donors and our vast nonprofit partner base to get needed goods into the hands of those who need them most.”

“The best way to protect our communities is to stay home,” said Warren Schlichting, group president, SLING TV. “The second best thing we all can do is support our caregivers and those who are battling this virus and don’t get to stay home. Our hope is that our partnership with Good360 will give Americans another reason to stay safe while supporting those in need. Every action helps.”

This is actually a very easy way to do some good because there are numerous ways to access movies but so far none of the others have announced a way to do so and help people at the same time.

You do not have to sign up for the Sling TV service to do this.