How To Cancel DirecTV Stream

If you signed up for AT&T’s streaming package under any given name DirecTV Now, AT&T TV Now, AT&t TV, DirecTV Stream, you are going to have to jump through a few hoops in order to cancel. Thanks to reporting by Jared Newman at Tech Hive we found out that getting out of the service has gone from simply clicking cancel to a whole new world or trouble.

If you live in California or New York you can cancel with one click. This is because of laws put in place specific to those states. Otherwhise you will have to wither go into an online chat session to cancel or call a phone number to do so. You don’t have the ability to choose how to cancel though. What you have to do is go to their account management website.

DirecTV Stream Acct Management site here

This should be no big surprise considering how convoluted their service has gotten over time. It changed names multiple times before combining two totally different services AT&T TV Now and AN&T TV as one brand.

So if you got sucked in with a good pitch I am afraid you may have a little work cut out for you.