How To Make You Roku Stop Talking

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Is your Roku talking to you and narrating your entire experience with a weird computer voice? If it is you have tapped into the audio guide feature built in to help those with visual problems. How you did it is anybodies guess but how you fix it, assuming that you don’t need it on, is pretty simple.

Method 1

This feature can be turned on and off by using the star or Astrisk (*). press it 4 times in a row quickly. Like the way you would knock on a door to tell someone something urgent.

Method 2

  1. Press the home button on your remote
  2. Click down to where it says settings
  3. press ok
  4. click down to where it says Accessibility
  5. Press Ok
  6. Click down to where it says Audio Guide
  7. Press OK
  8. Select off and press ok

There now you should have successfully turned off the feature. Note the shortcut is also stated on this menu lest you forget in the future.