Jesica Jones and Punisher Will Be Cancelled By Netflix Soon Daredevil Done

Jesica Jones and Daredevil are going to be cancelled by Netflix. No, we have absolutely no knowledge about negotiations. This is simply something that has become plainly obvious over the past two months. With the cancelation of Daredevil it is simply apparent that whether the Marvel Netflix shows perform well or not, they are going to be cancelled. Why? It probably has a lot to do with Disneys interest in building up Hulu as it takes more control of the content on the streaming service as part of the merger with Fox.

Disneys CEO Bob Iger mentioned recently that it would be looking to strengthen Hulu and edgy branded shows like the street level heros that grew from Daredevil are perfect fodder for that. Marvel has invested time and talent in these series and has built a solid TV Universe around it. This is not the kind of investment you would expect to see snuffed out unceremoniously. Yet here we are watching one show after another drop from the Netflix lineup.

Why Do We Expect The Street Level Universe To Be On Hulu?

With all that has been put into place with highly developed storylines, a shared world, a solid fan base and new properties coming together at the corporate level, it appears that Disney is simply calling all of its properties home. Disney has stated that it does not want adult leaning content to be on its new Disney service. It also said that it views Hulu as a place where it can market to an older audience. If Disney wants to develop more original content for Hulu why not start with projects that already have an audience and a tie in with other Disney properties?