Mi Box VS Mi Box S

I’ve reached out to Xiaomi for information for the upcoming Mi Box S and am still waiting for a response from their public relations department. Their customer service department referred me to their website for information on the hardware specs.

Looking at the hardware specs for the Mi Box and the Mi Box S seems to indicate that there are no major changes between the two models. The newer model is smaller, thinner and lighter than the original Mi Box but both models come with the same Quad Core 2.0 GHz CPU, GPU, and RAM. The Bluetooth has been upgraded to 4.2 for the newer model.

According to Xiaomi they offer a promotional price of $59.99 for the newer device through their website and at Walmart, but that price is only good through October 19, 2018. After that date it will match the older device price of $79.99.

The Mi Box S will ship with Android 8 Operating System from the factory and the original model ships with Android 6 OS, but can be upgraded to the Android 8 once it has been activated.