Netflix Could Be Sued By Satanic Temple

Yes that headline is correct. Netflix could be in hot water (yeah I said it) with the Satanic Temple Fortune reports that a Satanic Temple is looking into a lawsuit against Netflix due the the use of its copyrighted design of the deity Baphomet was used without permission. The Statue in question looks very very similar to the actual statue with a few basic differences.

This Screenshot picture taken from the Twitter account of Lucien Greaves shows the statue in question and the TV show depiction.

If you look at the picture submitted by Satanic Temple Spokesmen Lucien Greaves, who is the of the Satanic Temple, it is undeniable that the prop used in Chilling Adventures of Sabrina sure looks like the same exact statue until you pay attention to a few attributes. The Series which is a much darker reboot of the ABC show Sabrina The Teenage Witch, has a more adult themed approach that incorporates the idea of cult like forces aligning to pull the teenager into its fold.

This may come down to the vanilla Ice defense. See video at the bottom of the page.

What are the differences between the two statues? It almost feels like a game you would play with your Facebook Friends.

Here is what I noticed. See if you catch anything else.


The Stomach of the statue on the top of the screen shot and the picture bellow it both have a symbol emblazoned. But it should be noted that the symbols diverge  as the top picture has a symbol much more akin to a figure 8 than the one on the bottom which has more interlacing lines.

Muscular Tone

The arm of the statue on the top has far better defined tone than its counterpart indicating a more focussed workout regimen.


The thumb on the held up hand hand up top is touching the fingertips on the hand while the thumb on the bottom picture is touching the knuckles of the hand.


The Children in the two pictures have slightly different profiles. While the kids up top are nearly perfectly side profile  the kids ate angled  in the lower picture.

                                                                                                           The Horns

Look at those horns. Top picture has a much wider gate on the horns than the bottom one. Can this be ignored?


The lap of the picture up top is not nearly as spread out as the one on the bottom indicating that one would be a better place for an anti Santa picture than the other. Wait a second Santa, Satan……..hmmmmmm.


Now on Vanilla Ice

This is one of the most notoriously poor defenses for outright copying another work.