Netflix New Comic Shows To Replace Marvel

Netflix has now killed off all of their Marvel based TV shows. But that hardly means the Big Red Stream Machine is getting away from comics based projects. The company is the owner of Miller World which is a collection of comics properties by greater Mark Millar. Millar’s work includes Kick-Ass and Kingsmen, which have both already been made into well-loved feature films. Some of Millar’s properties are already in the works for Netflix. You can’t see much about them at the moment but a title search will provide a listing and even basic description of the projects listed.

Millar World Projects that already have Netflix entries

Jupiter’s Legacy

Think DC’s Kingdom Come meets the Watchmen. The story deals with the second generation of superheroes dealing with the legacy of those that came before them in the 1930s. The story involves everything from family strife to the overthrow of the government.


The Queen of a planet flees from her dictator husband with her children hoping to find a safer existence. The comic is a sort of on the road/fight for survival story in space that will explore a universe full of dangers.


Character with magical gifts who uses them to help others in secret has to adjust to a new reality when word about his talents gets outside his circle of trust.

Sharkey The Bounty Hunter

Sharkey the Bounty Hunter is a blue-collar anti-hero who travels the galaxy in a rocket powered Ice cream truck. Don’t believe me read the full description at Image Comics yourself. Looks like it would fit right in with fans of the Guardians of the Galaxy and Firefly.

American Jesus

Jesus Christ returns to earth as a young Hispanic boy. Looks like a sort of jab at conservative views on immigration and other hot button issues of the day.

Other Things To look for

Jupiter’s Circle

Another story from the same timeline as the already announced Jupiter’s Legacy. If the first title works out for Netflix there is little reason to suspect that the story will not be expanded.

The Magic Order

The Magic Order is a story involving wizarding families and those who seek to destroy them.  Netflix is already publishing the comic which can be previewed in this trailer on IMDB. Even more there is already an IMDB page set up for the series here.


Superior is a story about a boy suffering from MS who gets a wish to become a real life version of a Superman type character “Superior”  via a deal with a demon. The character idea seems inspired in a way by Billy Batson of DC’s Shazam in that he is a 12-year-old who becomes a super powered adult. On top of that the child is disabled before he becomes the super hero, which echos Shazam’s friend Freddie Freeman, who himself is also a super hero (Captain Marvel Jr). According to CBR the story is going to be adapted as a film by Fox (who bought the rights in 2014). You may notice there has yet to be a film made. Now that Disney will own Fox in short time this means that the company may well drop any plans to move forward with a film based on a competing comics property.


Reborn is a story centered around an idea that when we die we go to another place (not heaven or hell) but another place entirely where we take on a new body and purpose. The plot centers around an elderly woman who dies in a rest home but finds out she is the chosen one of the new dimension thrusting her into a new life of adventure. The story would likely appeal to the fantasy and science fiction crowd that Netflix has been catering heavily to for years.


Think Suicide squad meets Oceans 11. A popular criminal is looking for one last score to get him out of trouble with the mob that involves pulling off a near impossible heist with the help of an assorted group of accomplices. But the twist is that they are super villains. Sounds fun doesn’t it?