New Apple TV Rumors Won’t Die

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It has been over a week since the last swell of Apple TV rumors hit the scene but new Apple TV rumors won’t die. The reporting which is “as usual” based on absolutely no verifiable evidence says that Apple will hold an event September 9 to announce new iPhones and that Apple TV will be part of the announcement.

Haven’t we seen this before?
As a matter of fact yes. Almost every Apple event for the past two years has been rumored to be possible release date for a new Apple TV because after all it is “possible”. Often someone will eventually find out the full agenda ahead of the event and write a story that says the Apple was going to announce it but had to cancel plans bc of (insert cliched reason). Apple TV rumors are almost an event to themselves.

Timing is right
I don’t subscribe to the now or never mentality that a number of reactionary bloggers and self appointed experts do when speaking about Apple TV. Mainly because Apple has so many dedicated and fanatical users. I believe that if a new Apple TV were to launch at any date and pushed as an accessory to a new iPhone or iPad at a reasonable price I think they would be crabbed up like hotcakes. But September is as close to the perfect time to release a new Apple TV as can be had because it falls at the heart of fall TV launches, sports.

It’s worth keeping an eye on this going forward. It would be an exciting day in the streaming world if such an announcement does come down the line and you can be assured that the Streaming Advisor will be the place to go for in depth information on the new Apple TV if it does in fact launch. Don’t be too shattered if the event passes with no announcement at all. Here is a sneak preview of the excuse on all of those pretender sites if it does not happen, (Apple TV announcement scrapped due to continued problems finalizing broadcast TV deals). Yeah that sounds about right.