New Horror Movie Tow Debuts On Tubi

Tubi is bringing its original content out to play today with the release of Tow. If you like the modern monster films that were essentially born with Nightmare on Elm Street and Halloween this might be something you will be very into.

Maddie and Abi (Caitlin Gerard) are twin sisters, and famously the only victims to ever escape the notorious serial killer known as The Mechanic (Kane Hodder). Years after their near escape, The Mechanic is finally scheduled to be executed for his horrific crimes, but what should be a moment of closure for the sisters ends up unleashing something far more insidious. As they try to leave behind the trauma of their experience, their connection to The Mechanic haunts them and begins to slowly take over their minds.

The film is directed by Vanessa Alexander and written by Caitlin Gerard, Jesse Mittelstadt. Caitlin Gerard, Neil Elman, Hannah Pillemer and Fernando Szew serve as Executive Producers. Autumn Federici, Jake Helgren, Lauren and Elizabeth Hood are producers. Co-Executive Producers include David Brown Massey and Michael Meilander – and MarVista is a partner on the film. The film premieres on Tubi Friday, June 24th.