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Martin Clunes (Doc Martin) stars in this true-crime drama as

DCI Colin Sutton,  the lead detective on a case that captivated Britain.

When a young French woman is killed in London, the investigation

yields no forensics, motive, or witnesses. But when DCI Sutton and

his team connect the crime to two other murders, he realizes he must

hunt down a serial killer.




Follow Detective William Murdoch (Yannick Bisson) and the team of

Station House No. 4 as they solve nefarious crimes in Edwardian

Toronto.In this episode, Murdoch reunites with Nikola Tesla when a

fellow inventor turns up murdered. The victim had been working on a

device to render objects invisible. Meanwhile, Julia enlists

Crabtree’s help with writing the new police manual.

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Henry Frederick Stuart was the best king Britain never had.

The son of King James I of England and Queen Anne, he

started the British Museum and the Royal Collection and

was the first royal prince to back a permanent settlement on

American soil in the early 1700s. This immersive documentary

resurrects this forgotten prince from the shadows of history

and reveals the tragedy of his lost potential.