NewsOn Ads New CBS Stations Is Yours Ready To Stream For Free?

NewsON, the nation’s largest OTT streaming service for local news content, is pleased to announce a new licensing deal with CBS News and Stations and its owned-and-operated television stations. Beginning today, NewsON will add 13 CBS local stations to its platform. The new stations include many top 25 markets including New York, Los Angeles, Chicago, Philadelphia, and San Francisco. NewsON will offer live newscasts, CBS News Local FAST channels, and short form story clips from each of the stations, including the upcoming Detroit channel when it launches.

In tandem with other recent new station affiliations, this will bring NewsON’s total station count to over 250, and US household coverage to 92%.

“We are really thrilled to work with CBS News and Stations and bring their news product to NewsON’s multiplatform user base,” said Ron Stitt, General Manager of NewsON. “CBS has been a leader in development of OTT/CTV local news and we are pleased they are joining and supporting a large body of network affiliates who participate in NewsON to ensure they are connecting with CTV audiences and maximizing reach and revenue with their content.”

“We are excited to distribute our 13 local streaming channels on NewsON,” said Sahand Sepehrnia, Senior Vice President of Streaming, CBS Stations. “Ron and the team are innovators and true champions of local news, and we are optimistic that the addition of our streaming channels will help expand their consumer offering and grow our audience.”