No 7% of Netflix Customers Are Not Going To Cancel

People have not canceled Netflix in favor of Disney plus yet. A new survey says that people might but you know what we don’t think so. People love putting the term Netflix killer into their headlines but for some reason Netflix has been alive and well since it started. It might be that people just actually like it. Yeah the popular perception is that would cause it have anything on it. You hear it all the time there’s no new movies blah blah blah. And what is the leading streaming service in the entire world buy miles? It’s Netflix people.

No in the future Netflix will not have a library of Marvel movies StarWars movies or Disney movies to offer. But people do not sit down every night to watch a 2 and 1/2 hour epic movie. They watch sports, news, short form content and TV shows. Sure they watch movies. But you know there’s something about these Disney hits that people don’t seem to factor in when it comes to streaming. Most of the make around a billion dollars at the movie theater.

Do you understand what that implies? It means people already saw these stories in the best format it was ever intended to be seen. And not only that some people saw it multiple times. I’m a comic book fanboy and saw Avengers endgame four times in the movie theater with different people every time. In response I have very little appetite to give another 3 hours away watching it on TV. Lucifer on the other hand is a show that I never got around to paying attention to because I thought it would last a season and a half before it got cancelled. It’s new and fresh to me and it’s a TV show, and its fourth season is a Netflix original. I can watch one episode or six episodes and pick up where I left off without it being a big investment.

I’m not stupid or arrogant enough to think that my TV viewing is the way of the world. But no streaming service seems to rank a specific movie as the number one most viewed thing on it service. For instance, let’s look at Disney plus you know the Netflix killer. The popularity of Disney plus can be summed up in two words Baby Yoda. Baby Yoda is not from a movie that broke the box office records a year or ten years ago like say all of the Marvel Fair. It’s from Disney’s original show, The Mandalorian. The show lasts 40 minutes at a time per episode and in a major twist on the streaming genre is being released one show at a time. It has so captured the attention of the viewing public that nobody is talking about anything else on Disney+. When the service launched did also dropped the Lady and the Tramp live action movie. How many interview with the stars have been written or broadcasted? How many times have you seen a Lady and The Tramp live action movie meme or YouTube theory video? Now while I think meme culture is overrated, if a full length movie was capturing anybody’s attention on a large scale you would see it in memes, YouTube, Facebook groups and other places.

When streaming is at its best it is providing content that cannot be found anywhere else. And I’m not just talkin exclusive TV shows like say the office. I mean content has to be unattainable via any traditional television method. Dishes why shows like stranger things, and Mandalorian, Angela man in the High Castle Drive growth. Netflix may not dominate the future. But if that’s the case it will be because Netflix has lost its way.

When movies are at their best they draw people into large dark auditoriums with heated recliners. And they do. TV is more a place for movies to find their second chance and build buzz for a sequel than it is a place to get repeat viewings. On the other hand TV shows invite viewers to invest in characters over a long time. I don’t think that it is any coincidence that the Marvel franchise has been described as a long TV show that has been on for a decade. It played at the movies. But TV’s and smaller screens are a place to see shows more than anything else. and as long as it continues to offer programming that people want to watch be at It cooking shows, or episodic dramas, I doubt we will see a large portion of its customers cancel.