Pluto TV Adds 5 New Channels

Pluto TV is growing again. The service has added new channels mostly built around its large library of reality based programming along with a curated selection of content from Redbull TV, a sort of extreme sports based channel. Like everything else on PlutoTV the new channels are all free and available via Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV and other mainstream streaming platforms. See the new channels and descriptions bellow.

CMT Pluto TV Ch. 148
Buckle up for CMT on Pluto TV! Get you blood pumping with your favorite adrenalized shows from CMT. See whose bad ass enough to conquer the famous “Skullbuster” in Steve Austin’s Broken Skull Challenge, who’s got what it takes to escape Redneck Island, and who’s big rig will go from rags to riches in Trick My Truck! And it’s happening 24/7 on CMT on Pluto TV!

Pluto TV Celebrity Ch. 151
You’re on the VIP list to get up close and personal with the famous and the infamous on Pluto TV Celebrity. Whether they are searching for love or just looking to start a fight, you can see all the outrageous behavior here, any time of day.

Pluto TV Reality Ch. 153
They aren’t here to make friends. They’re the people you can’t stop watching, and with Pluto TV Reality, you won’t ever have to. Don’t miss a single shouting match or thrown wine glass from TV’s best reality shows, 24 hours a day.

Pluto TV Lives Ch. 155
When ordinary people are put in extraordinary situations, it can bring out the best — or worst — in anyone. Get into the real-life drama here on Pluto TV Lives, with the most compelling docu-series on TV whenever you want them.

Red Bull TV Ch. 501
Watch the Best of Red Bull TV anywhere, anytime. Tune In to our curated 24/7 stream!

1 thought on “Pluto TV Adds 5 New Channels

  1. Pluto is only adding bottom of the barrel fare nowadays.
    It started with the onslaught of MTV channels.

    They should go after more Multi-cast Networks
    like Buzzr they have now.

    These channels are free and make their revenue
    by ad space sharing with the broadcaster.

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