Peacock Enters New Chapter With Jurasic Park Dominion


Jurassic Park Dominion, which was one of the top movies of the summer, is now available to stream on Peacock. Not only that, but the version on Peacock is the extended edition of the film, which may give super fans even more reason to check it out on their smaller screens even if they saw it already in cinemas, which had a substantial comeback this summer on the backs of Dominion, Top Gun Maverick and Spiderman No Way Home.

Jurassic Park Dominion will help open a new chapter for Peacock, which never had a chance to get off to a good start when it launched two years ago without what it expected to be its signature feature, the 2020 Olympics, because of Covid. The combined one-two punch of the event being canceled with production delays for its original content, also because of Covid tripped the service up before it could begin to reclaim shows from NBC Universal as exclusives. That all changes this month.

September marks a totally new chapter for Peacock, which now will be the premium streaming home of NBC’s newest content, a slate of originals, and Universal Pictures movies. It will also be the home of the top-rated NFL Sunday Night Football, Notre Dame Football, and a host of other impactful sporting events including Premier League soccer.

The true impact of the new programming exclusivity probably won’t be noticed by the general public until later in the month when new shows begin to launch and familiar series like Saturday Night Live return. SNL is one of the top shows on Hulu but new episodes will not be available on the service going forward. When La brea returns for season two it will also be a Peacock exclusive. This is all due to agreements between Disney and Comcast regarding NBC Universal content. It is not (Hulu getting rid of your show). The next year may get a little confusing as there will still be library content from NBC Universal on Hulu for shows that are done with their series runs but eventually, once Disney buys out the last chunk of Hulu from Comcast in 2024 the differences will be truly distinct.

But going forward viewers should expect to see a much more pronounced presence from Peacock and a lot more changes/improvements.