Philo Announces Chromecast Support

Philo will be bringing support to Chromecast and integrating support of r group viewing according to Philo CEO Andrew McCollum during an interview with CNET Senior writer Joan Solsman as part of the Fierce Video OTT Blitz. Philo has been slower to support Chromecast but McCollum said that it was because they wanted to design an experience that would work well for their customers. The idea is that the app will allow users to better choose content and navigate their app as part of the experience. Group viewing has been getting a huge push over the past few months with multiple services rolling out the feature. How popular it will turn out in the long run is anybodies guess at this point.

Philo has had a strong year to date saying in the past 12 months it has grown its user base by 300% including 80% since January. Its mix of entertainment only channels that avoids the costs and bulk of larger bundles has carved out a niche in the space that nobody else saw coming. Philo is available on Android TV, Apple TV, Roku and Fire TV as well as through a web interface.