Piracy Prevention A Growing Business

Top anti-piracy security services are offering hardware and software digital security solutions to businesses in various industries for enabling them to protect revenue loss due to online piracy. A few players in anti-piracy protection market are keen on expanding their product portfolio by offering insights into the return on investment (RoI) of their anti-piracy campaigns. The global anti-piracy protection market is projected to advance at a CAGR of 11.2% from 2022 to 2031.

A scrutiny of recent anti-piracy protection market trends indicates that rise in digital data breach has spurred businesses to adopt solutions in order to prevent significant revenue leakages. Rise in cybersecurity threats has nudged businesses in the entertainment industry and e-commerce sector to seek next-gen anti-piracy protection solutions. Other industries as well are witnessing massive need for anti-piracy as part of enterprise rights management solutions, thus propelling the revenue streams for service providers in the anti-piracy protection market.

The market study on anti-piracy protection observes that counterfeiters and unauthorized sellers are eroding revenues of digital businesses. Digital content owners are thus utilizing solutions in the anti-piracy protection market mainly by safeguarding IP rights and identifying counterfeiters.  Of note, anti-piracy products and software have been increasingly implemented in online content distribution platforms including social media and P2P sites.


Key Findings of Anti-piracy Protection Market Study

  • Abundant Demand for Anti-piracy Software in Entertainment Industries Presents Enormous Opportunities to Solution Providers
    Businesses in the entertainment industry are increasingly demanding anti-piracy protection to prevent threat to revenue loss. Stridently, the demand has increased steadily among providers of video contents. Of note, the adoption of anti-piracy protection measures among OTT-video-on-demand (VoD) broadcasters is likely to rise, thus unlocking vast revenue streams to companies in the anti-piracy protection market.
  • Rising Adoption of Solutions by Digital Content Owners to Steer Revenue Growth
    Companies offering digital contents such as games, software, books, and movies are geared toward preventing revenue loss from piracy, thus expanding profitable avenues in anti-piracy protection market. The adoption has been rising in digital content goods businesses particularly in e-commerce industry.
  • Awareness of Need for Enterprise Digital Rights Management Solutions Growing
    Trade associations and music corporations have ramped up their efforts toward raising awareness through anti-piracy educational campaigns. This will catalyze revenue streams in the anti-piracy protection market. Organizations who have intensified their efforts include are Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) and Universal Music Group.


Anti-piracy Protection Market: Key Drivers

  • Rise in online piracy globally is a cause for concern for businesses in various industries, notably in IT & telecom, entertainment, and media. Concerns have mounted with increasing ownership of digital content and assets. This is a key pivot for the evolution of anti-piracy protection solutions.
  • Significant revenue loss due to piracy of broadcasting content especially for streaming providers is a key driver for the anti-piracy protection market. Exponential rise in OTT-video-on-demand (VoD) is expanding the horizon for commercialization of anti-piracy services and software.

Anti-piracy Protection Market: Regional Growth Dynamics

  • The market study on anti-piracy protection has found North America and Europe to be remarkably lucrative markets, poised to generate substantial lucrative opportunities to service and solution providers.
  • North America is estimated to account for a leading share of the global anti-piracy protection market by the end of 2022. The growth is fuelled by the presence of a few leading companies offering anti-piracy solutions and software. In particular, there is vast demand for such solutions among businesses in the media and entertainment industries.
  • Revenues in the Europe market during the forecast period are expected to be steered by the rise in adoption of enterprise digital rights protection solutions in the next few years.


Anti-piracy Protection Market: Key Players

The competition landscape is consolidated, with a large proportion of the market share concentrated among few large vendors, finds the study on the anti-piracy protection market. They are offering easy-to-implement solutions powered by cutting-edge data models to capture value-grab opportunities, finds a market study assessing the growth of the anti-piracy protection revenue & players.

Some of the prominent players operating in the market are:

  • Viaccess-Orca Israel
  • Sandvine Corporation
  • Synamedia
  • Red Points
  • Onsist
  • Kudelski S.A.
  • INKA Entworks Inc.
  • Group-IB
  • ContentArmor
  • APP Global