Pluto TV Adding 11 New Spanish Language Channels

Pluto TV is going all in on Spanish language programming. The hispanic population, which is a diverse and growing minority in the US, is commanding more and more eyes and becoming an important part economic equation in all facets of American life. The ad-supported service has ceased on that market and will now offer 11 new Spanish language options to engage the audience which comes on top of a number of already available offerings.

Dog, el Cazarrecompensas

This is a 24-7 channel built around Dog The Bounty Hunter series presented in Spanish. Not unlike other 24 hour a day channels on Pluto with the exception of the language.

Acompaña al cazador de recompensas Duane “Dog” Chapman, a su esposa Beth y a su familia rastreando peligrosos fugitivos en las islas de Hawái. La búsqueda comienza y Dog siempre atrapa al bandido. Disfrútalo en este exclusivo canal en español las 24 horas del día, los 7 días a la semana.

Nick Latino

Latino offers standard Nickelodeon programming in Spanish.

¡Bienvenido a Nick Latino en Pluto TV, donde puedes ver tus programas clásicos favoritos en español! Sintoniza “The Fairly OddParents,” “iCarly,” “Rugrats,” “Victorious,” y más! Puedes verlo todo en Nick Latino por Pluto TV.

Nick Jr. Latino

Like Nick Latino , Nick Jr gets the same treatment offering children’s programming in Spanish.

Pluto TV Cine Acción

Channel invites viewers to watch Hollywood action adventure movies along with native Spanish productions.

Pluto TV Cine Terror 

Hold your breath, cover your eyes, and don’t make a sound. Every day, Pluto TV Cine Terror is bringing you the most spine-tingling movies from dubbed American hits to all-Latino scare-fests.

Spike Aventura

Spike Aventura is a channel built around Spike TV programming which centers on “guy centric” shows like outdoor competitions and macho stuff. 

Pluto TV Naturaleza

Explore the planet and all the amazing creatures that live on it. With Pluto TV Naturaleza, you’ll get up close and personal with wildlife from the cute and cuddly to the poisonous and predatory.

Pluto TV Cocina

The cooking show craze hits every market. This channel is built around cooking shows and tips of course in this case translated into Spanish.

Pluto TV Mundo 

Travel programming 24-7 inviting viewers to learn about new places and cultures.

Pluto TV Realities en Español

What’s more dramatic than the emotion of reality TV? Maybe its reality TV in Spanish.

Pluto TV 007 en Español

The action, cars and shaken (not stirred) martinis of the world’s greatest super spy are now in one place: Pluto TV 007. Watch 18 original James Bond adventures 24 hours a day, 007 days a week in Spanish!