Pluto TV adding New Suggestions Options

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Pluto TV announced an all-new section, Home, designed to optimize ease-of-access, personalization and discovery in a dedicated hub. Embedded in the global navigation panel, users will now have even more options as they journey into the world of Pluto TV, bringing together the best of both worlds, on-demand content and linear channels, in one unified destination.

The Home section of Pluto TV is designed to streamline viewing preferences with personalization based on consumption habits. A myriad of carousels, populated with key art, will act as navigational tools allowing for deeper exploration and visibility into the wide array of programming available on the platform. Thematically organized, carousels will house suggested and editorially-curated content alongside recently watched, saved and favorited programming. Content discovery is the name of the game in a world with millions of hours of TV avaialable and the move will give Pluto TV customers an experience akin to what you typically find in a premium TV service interface, further blurring the line between free streaming and subscription services.

With personalization at the forefront, returning users will be met with recommended programming while new users will have the opportunity to explore trending and curated suggestions. The more users watch or favorite content, the more content surfaces within Home and the more personalized it becomes. And, unique to Pluto TV, both live and on-demand content can intermingle within the same carousel giving users even more options to browse and discover within a single experience.

  • Featured Carousels:
  • MarqueeOn-Demand and Linear programming
  • Editorially Driven (Curated)
  • Personalized Recommendations
  • Trending Content
  • Saved, Favorites & Recently Watched

As the FAST landscape continues to evolve, so does our user experience around content discovery and personalization to seamlessly connect users to relevant programming,” said Tad Ro, Senior Vice President of Product Management, Pluto TV. “The Home experience offers a unique display of rich sets of both Live and VOD content, even intermixing in the same carousels, and gives users more opportunity to find the content they are actively looking for, love to watch and soon-to-be new favorites within a single section.”

The new Home experience section will debut as a phased rollout beginning on September 25th on select Roku devices and continue with launches on Android TV and Fire TV devices throughout the remainder of the year.