Pluto TV Launches New Channels

Time for the weekly release of new Pluto TV channels. This group features a popular channel that rose to fame during the celebrity trials of OJ Simpson and others. Check out the list bellow.

TODAY Channel 253

The TODAY channel gives you the best of NBC’s TODAY show with highlights and rewinds from past TODAY show episodes.

Court TV Channel 287

Do you miss the classic Court TV channel? It is back but now free over the air and streaming online with Pluto TV. Here you can coverage of all the most significant court cases happening right now.

Sports Grid Channel 517

With Sports Grid, you get a look at some of the biggest sporting events and all the information you need to wager on them.

Nick Movies Channel 714

With Nick Movies, you will find a 24/7 feed of Nickelodeon movies like Splitting Adam and the Best Player.

Nick Games Channel 726

With Nick Games, you will find a 24/7 feed of classic Nickelodeon game shows like Figure It Out, All In With Cam Newton, and more.

Pluto TV Tween Channel 726

With Pluto TV Tween, you get shows targeting Teens like Flipper: The New Adventures, Rocket’s Island, and more.

Pocket.Watch Channel 742

With Pocket.Watch you get a collection of kid-friendly videos from the YouTube Family HobbyKids TV. Here you will find videos on toys, games, challenges, and more! Plus, join HobbyPig, HobbyFrog, and HobbyBear in their new animated adventure series, HobbyKids Adventures!

The Pluto TV app is completely free and features more than 200 channels that are always changing. Pluto TV is currently available on Roku, Fire TV, Apple TV, Android TV, iOS, and Android. When Viacom bought Pluto TV, the company added Viacom content, along with building partnerships with major networks. You can now watch content from channels including Nick, Nick Jr., MTV, and Comedy Central for free, along with curated channels from CNN, NBC News, CBSN, the NFL, and more.