President Trump Wants America To Be Number 1 In 5G

The President issued a Presidential Memorandum ordering numerous agencies to develop  “a balanced, forward-looking, flexible, and sustainable approach to spectrum management”.

Spectrum management is essentially a more complicated way to describe broadband Internet access. What the memorandum aims to do is give the country a push as the way the Internet is used in business and commerce as well as national and regional security evolves. The idea is to make the US the world leader in 5G technology which will not only help communities and business grow, but increase the safety of citizens through more efficient communication.

“American companies and institutions rely heavily on high-speed wireless connections, with increasing demands on both speed and capacity. Wireless technologies are helping to bring broadband to rural, unserved, and underserved parts of America. Spectrum-dependent systems also are indispensable to the performance of many important United States Government missions. And as a Nation, our dependence on these airwaves is likely to continue to grow,” said The President.