Roku Going Back To Mexico

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Looks like Roku is heading South Of The Border ASAP. Roku won a new court case concerning the sale of its devices in Mexico that reversed an earlier ruling banning them. Roku had been under fire in Mexico regarding the use of private channels that allowed programmers to offer copyrighted material via the devices. While Roku never endorsed such practices its platform was regularly utilized for it.

The new ruling means that users will again be able to purchase devices at retailers.

“Today’s decision is an important victory for Roku and its Mexican distributor, Latamel Distribuidora, S. de R.L. de C.V. and Mexican retailers in the legal battle against an improper ban on sales of its popular streaming players in Mexico,” Roku General Counsel Stephen Kay also noted. “We are pleased with the Collegiate Court’s decision and look forward to continuing to build Roku’s TV streaming business in Mexico,” he said.