Roku OS Update Available

If you are anxious to get the latest Roku OS update you do not have to wait for your system to automatically update. To get Roku OS 11.5 simply follow these steps.

  1. Press the home button
  2. Toggle to Settings
  3. Toggle to System
  4. Toggle to Software Update

So far we have not seen any breathtaking differences in the update. Be aware though, if you have Roku Speakers the system may cause you to have to redo them. This is easy. Just press the little button at the bottom of the speakers to reset them and then jump into the audio settings of your Roku or Roku Soundbar. Just be sure to individually reset each speaker before going through with the setup process.

The changes at this point do not include the new Roku Store. After updating two devices we find that our menu has the same headings and choices.