Roku Will Let 4 people Use Private Listening At Once With New Update

Private listening is about to be available to up to four people at a time via the Roku mobile apps for IOS and Android. When Roku announced a coming update to the Roku channel featuring the addition of the ABC News channel it sort of buried the lead.

Roku private listening has been a popular feature since it was introduced with its second generation Roku XS model. Then as it is now, the feature was available for one person via the actual Roku remote. When private listening is engaged it means that the TV itself no longer emits audio. That’s a great feature if you are trying to keep the noise down but terrible if say, someone else wants to watch TV at the same time.

Accommodating hearing loss

Anyone who lives with somebody with hearing loss has dealt with a blaring TV. As well those with hearing problems sometimes use special headphones for their TVs. The new update will actually be a big help to people in that situation. It will allow multiple people to experience the TV exactly how they wish. No more “turn it up”, “turn it down”. Now, all Roku has to do is teach your grandpa how to use that smartphone.