See New The Walking Dead Content On Facebook

Skybound Entertainment and Genvid Entertainment today announced that the Facebook exclusive The Walking Dead™: Last Mile (TWD:LM) begins its four-month run with new story content that will unfold daily. Fans can observe, explore and impact a constantly evolving virtual world set in the TWD universe – influencing the story at every turn and ultimately helping to shape TWD canon.

The story begins with the first episode of Yvette Nicole Brown’s weekly interactive live stream on Facebook Watch that airs at 4 p.m. PT today, where she’ll be joined by Felicia Day to set up the story and explain how viewers can help impact the survivors’ journey. Throughout TWD:LM’s four-month run, Brown and Day will host regular livestreams highlighting the big moments that propel the TWD:LM narrative forward, discussing the story with special guests, and revealing key decisions made by the audience in the Instant Game. In addition, Day will stream herself playing the TWD:LM Instant Game alongside the rest of the community at special times. Day’s streams will also feature instant viewer polls and more.

The TWD:LM Instant Game (available entirely free via Facebook Gaming with no downloads/ installs) also launches in open beta today to begin the four week Prologue. TWD:LM is an experience designed to be shaped by the fans, and the Prologue sets up the story to come while providing an opportunity for collecting and implementing fan feedback. This will be followed by a two-week hiatus where development will focus on feature expansion and general gameplay polish. The story then kicks into high gear with three four-week “Acts” that will air consecutively through mid-November, resulting in one of the most epic storylines within The Walking Dead universe. The Instant Game provides continuous access to the TWD:LM world and its inhabitants, allowing viewers to create their own survivor, earn Influence Points through mini-games and activities, and then bid those points on decisions large and small, impacting the story as it happens.

The Walking Dead: Last Mile is a bold and exciting new expansion for TWD,” said Robert Kirkman, Chairman of Skybound Entertainment and creator of the The Walking Dead. “Throughout the history of TWD, characters are forced to make hard choices with serious consequences. For the first time in TWD:LM, fans will make those choices together, as a community. The results will not only change the fate of those characters but also their future in the franchise.”