Crunchyroll Hits Milestone


Anime might not be a sleeping giant anymore. Warner Media may wish it had not parted with Crunchyroll during its cost-cutting phase. The Streaming Advisor at the time said that AT&T should not sell Crunchyroll when Sony’s offer of 950 million was made public. Well, I don’t know if this makes us right but it was recently announced that Crunchy Roll has now been downloaded 100 million times.

Yeah. 100 million. That does not mean that the app has 100 million paid monthly subscribers, but it sure as heck means that there is an interest in the art form and not only that it means that Sony/Funimation has access to 100 million users in some form or another. AT&T of course, sold Crunchyroll as it was shedding debt and TV assets in general, but I think Warner Bros Discovery must have a sour stomach looking at the lost chance at revenue, even if there was not a big chance for cross polination.

According to Fierce Media, Crunchyroll appears to picking up downloads from both U.S. and international audiences with the U.S. accounting for less than a quarter (21%) of worldwide downloads.

Crunchyroll has over 5 million paid subs and 120 million registered users.