Setting Up a TCL Roku TV Model 49S405

Setting up a TCL Roku TV is Easy. If you need any help this guide will explain what you need to do to get streaming and why.

What you need to get started

  • A Roku account-Getting a Roku account is free. You get set up with one by going to Roku’s website and signing up typically via a menu in the right hand corner. The site changes its look often so we are not providing a picture. You must have a valid email address and provide basic info. You also must provide a credit/debit card. The card will not be used to charge you for anything unless you sign up for an app that requires monthly payments (Netflix, Hulu Etc). The card on file is also used if you choose to purchase movies and TV shows via multiple providers.
  • Your Home Internet network name and password-Your home network is unique to you. If you named it something that you can remember you are all set here. Otherwise you must find out what your network is called. If it is a default name from you Internet provider then the network name will be a long list of numbers and letters and other characters. Typically both the Name of your network and Password/Network Pin will be displayed on your modem or router, in most cases it is on a sticker. If you set up your own password but forgot it, you must contact your Internet provider to reset it or change it.


First things first Attache the power cord for the TV to the back of the device and plug it in.

Getting started with the TCL TV was easy. Upon powering on the set you are taken directly into the setup wizard. No hunting for settings and such.

  1. First question, which language do you speak?
  2. Second what country will you be using the TV.

The first question is super important if you want to understand the menus and commands. The country question helps the software match you up with the services that you can receive in your location.

Next step is why you need your network information.

If you are setting up the TV in a place where you can utilize a wired or Ethernet connection, hook that sucker up. It will look almost like an old phone jack but bigger. If you do not have the correct cord you can find one at any big box store. Just ask for an Ethernet Cable. Otherwise select wireless and type in your password so that the TV can start updating software and get you streaming. If you have no intention of streaming and using the Internet capabilities then you can choose to connect later. This would be for people who do not use apps on the TV like those needing a display/monitor or simply hooking up an antenna or pay TV provider.

Linking your TV

If you have chosen to connect your TV to the internet you will need to link your TV to your Roku account. In order to do so you will need to access the Internet on a connected device and go to the address on the screen The device will give you the code that corresponds to your unique TCL TV. Once your TV is connected to the Roku database you will be prompted to add channels and sign in/sign up for services. If you already have Amazon Prime, Netflix or other things it might be faster to go ahead and sign in via the Roku page BC they will be ready for you when you get started. Otherwise you can add any official Roku channel through the menu option called “Streaming Channels”

The RV has a great simple demo video that will show you how to navigate the OS. It covers the buttons on the remote, what they do in the menus and in app and a tutorial on adding channels, using the search and info on the Roku app for IOS and Android.

Your initial set up should begged to go now.

Understanding the TCL Roku TV menu

There are a lot of headings on the Roku menu to get to know and we will explain what each of them does.

  • Home-This is default home screen and is accessed when pressing the home button, the one the looks like a house on the top of the remote.
  • Featured Free-This is a selection of content from Roku channel partners that can be accessed for free without any password or sign in required.
  • My Feed-On my feed you can access information of titles you have chosen to follow via the Roku Search. You can also browse movies and TV shows you wish to follow to get updates as to when and where they are available on a Roku channel.
  • Movie Store by Fandango-This is an on-demand movie option that requires users to pay for content. If you choose to purchase a movie via the Movie Store the card on file with Roku will be charged.
  • TV Store by Fandango-This is an on-demand TV Show option that requires users to pay for content. If you choose to purchase a TV Show episode via the TV Store the card on file with Roku will be charged.
  • Search-This is where users are able to search for content by searching for the title of a show or movie, searching for an actor or director. It acts like a built-in search engine and will return results from countless Roku channels where the chosen content can be watched if it is available.
  • Streaming Channels-This is Roku’s channel store. From here you can browse channels via multiple categories and search for specific channels via a channel specific search option.
  • Settings-this is where you will access all of the key settings for the TV and Roku system. Including screen settings like brightness etc.

Setting up Live TV OTA on the TCL TV

  1. Attache your antenna to the coaxed cable and select the icon on the screen called Antenna TV and press ok.
  2. Select start finding channels
  3. Important step. If you have a VCR you want to pay attention to this next step bc it gives you the option to make channel 3&4 available. If you do click yes. If you do not click no. (yes there are VCRs out there, just ask my mom)
  4. Next the TV will scan for your available TV channels. How many you receive has everything to do with where your antenna is set up, what kind of geographical features are near your home and where broadcast antennas are in relation to your location.
  5. If you move your antenna and want to scan again, move the curser to Antenna TV and press the * button. You will be given the option to scan for TV channels this is also the option you would use to scan for cable channels. You will first be prompted to scan for OTA channels. If you are not hooking an antenna to your TV skip the step. You will then be prompted to add channels via Cable. The input name can be changed to cable TV by pressing the star button and selecting rename input.

Setting the correct time

  1. Press the home button, the one the looks like a house on the top of the remote.
  2. Click down to the settings option and press OK
  3. Select System from the numerous choices on the settings screen and press OK
  4. Select Time and press OK
  5. Choose to set Automatically or manually and select your time zone.

Adding Apps/Channels

Adding channels is done via the menu option called Streaming Channels

  1. Press the home button, the one the looks like a house on the top of the remote.
  2. Select Streaming Channels and press OK
  3. You will be taken to a menu broken up into multiple categories. These are pretty self explanatory.

* New and notable is not really the newest channels on the system. To see the very latest channels on the TCL Roku TV select “just added”.

*Keep in mind that anything in the TV everywhere category will require you to have a TV provider password in order to access the content available through this channel option.




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    A couple of things came to mind on reading the above:

    1. Under “Basics” where you have the second step listed as “what country will you be using the TV” could you please advise as to what options are available? I’m assuming it is just the United States, Canada and/or Mexico… but I’d be interested to know if any other countries or regions are listed among the options.

    2. In the section headed “Understanding the TCL Roku TV menu”, there is a sub-section which goes by the title of “TV Store by Fandango” in which it looks like you have copied & pasted from the other sub-section, “Movie Store by Fandango”, but forgotten to change the word “movie” for “TV show” and “TV Store” in the text that follows. Currently, you have “purchase a movie via the Movie Store” under both these sub-sections… but, presumably, the “TV Store by Fandango” sub-section should have been altered to read “purchase a TV show via the TV Store”?

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