She Hulk Release Date Accidentally Leaked

Fans have been clamoring for information about upcoming Marvel series on Disney+. It appears a European outlet from Disney may have accidentally let us know when to expect, new series, She Hulk.

For a short time the website, What’s On Disney Plus, had a debut date listed for August 17. That would slate the show to be available after the run of Obi-Wan, the Star Wars based show and along side another Marvel property, Ms Marvel which will launch June 8.

Disney typically avoids having more than one signature series available with new episodes at the same time. So if the release date is correct this could mean that Disney is stepping up at strategy or its height machine to further build momentum for the MCU during the summer months like it typically does with tentpole movies. It may also be a sign that Disney has to make up time for delayed releases that experienced due to the pandemic. Disney and Marvel have an ongoing narrative within their movies meaning that multiple stories have to fit together. In order for certain movies to make sense in context.

The main character of Ms Marvel, Kamala Khan, will be featured in a sequel to Captain Marvel called the Marvels along with another character, Monica Rambeau. So it is essential for Disney to have this character introduced ahead of the mobile for the feature film. The question is does Disney have plans for the character in other series that it helps to lunch in the next year.

This could all be making something out of nothing though. If Disney is in fact going to release the show in August we will know officially soon enough.