Sling TV Offering New Chinese Language Content

Sling TV, which has been the streaming leader in international content offerings since its launch, is going to be offering a new channel aimed at Mandarin speakers. The move is the latest in a long-running push for international streaming options at the core of Sling TVs strategy.

Sling TV was born in some ways, out of the Dishworld app, which focused on international programming and allowed Dish dip its toes in live TV streaming before launching Sling TV as the first nontraditional streaming option to offer cable channels. As Sling TV launched the Dishworld app disappeared from the market to be replaced by Sling TVs international offerings.

By offering Chinese language programming Sling TV is able to capitalize on the market in the US, especially on the west coast, for non-English speakers who could care less about watching the NBA Playoffs but really want to know what is going to happen next on the most popular shows in Hong Kong.  Those viewers will be able to do so with the addition of Jubao, which means “collection of treasures” in Mandarin. The channel gives Sling users a variety of new content choices from China and Hong Kong.

Jubao is available through the Great Wall, Taiwanese Mega and Jadeworld base packages featuring East Asian programming, making it easy for Sling users to enjoy captivating binge-worthy content without a long-term commitment.