Watch The NFL Draft Without Cable

You will not need a cable or subscription service in order to watch the 2022 NFL draft. The event, which has become more TV-friendly over the years by reducing the amount of time between picks and moving early rounds to prime time instead of couching it all on a weekend, will be available via both ABC and ESPN. That means that if you do not have any type of pay TV service but are able to pick up signals with an antenna you will be good to go. ABC of course is also available via multiple paid TV services including fuboTV, Sling TV or YouTube TV, and Hulu with live TV.

Mobile Streaming options

Users can access any of those aforementioned streaming services via mobile apps but can also check out the draft live on the ESPN app or the NFL Mobile app.

So enjoy seeing who your team picks up and then bashing it on social media or at the bar later on. And as always, Stream on my friends.