Stream Jesus Christ Superstar

Easter is coming. And most people will be unable to be at church for any sort of service. While it is no replacement for a local familiar service those wishing to experience a passion play of a less traditional type can jump on to YouTube and see Jesus Christ Superstar for free. There have been a number of versions of the musical, most recently NBC’s live concert featuring John Legend as Jesus and Alice Cooper as Herod and the iconic Film Version Staring Ted Neeley as Jesus and Carl Anderson Judas. The version playing for free is the Jesus Christ Superstar Live Tour performance from 2013.

The musical is free for 48 hours on a new YouTube channel called The Shows Must Go On! The idea behind the channel is to present Andrew Lloyd Webbers most well known productions for free as a gift to those stuck inside. With no broadway or live theater performances happening across the country.

Check out the YouTube Channel here